"A young child has a far better chance of succeeding if they have at least one
safe significant adult in their life.”  Dr. Rick Tobias - CEO - Yonge Street Mission

Camp Dakota


Click here to visit the Camp Dakota website for more information. Camp Dakota captivates kids from a very young age with stories, sports, games, crafts and music, all for the purpose of helping them understand they have great value as a person which is the foundation to having great self esteem.

Kids learn many life lessons based on the stories and parables of Jesus and other significant world leaders who walked the talk. Values such as watching out for the underdog, not being judgmental, good decision making, media awareness and cyber bullying, mercy and forgiveness, and peacemaking.

Day Camp runs for 6 weeks during July and August for children ages 5 to 12.

Campers are children who reside in government funded low income housing communities, and can be fully sponsored and funded through donations and bursaries from Jumpstart. No child is turned away.

Activities include sports such as basketball, field hockey, wide games such as capture the flag & prisoners base, track and field, soccer, Frisbee, hip hop dance as well as crafts and story time.

Youth Leadership in Training runs for 7 weeks for youth ages 13 to 16. Youth are trained to become leaders through instruction, mentoring and hands experience. Many have been campers in the Camp Dakota Day Camp Program and are now prepared to become leaders.

There is a strong emphasis on building healthy self esteem through good sportsmanship, social and environmental justice and issues relating to bullying and diversity in all of its forms.

To sponsor a camper for $250 or Leader in Training for $350 CLICK HERE.


Staff & Leaders in Training serving many children.

There is an ongoing monthly program where the camp activities continue for the campers who registered during the summer.

We hope to raise $80,000 for the Camp Dakota this summer.


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All ages can be involved in our community events.
No previous experience is required - just a cheerful heart.

Get Involved

Camp Dakota
If you want to make a positive impact on a child's life then this is a great opportunity to get involved.

Community Outreach
Poverty drives people into isolation. Providing BBQ's and dinners bring people out from behind closed doors. When they get to know each other, there is a better chance they will move from loneliness to engagement. This is just another way to build relationships in the community. Fresh food and canned goods are distributed weekly at a Drop-in located in the Sixth Line Pub.


Healing Wheelz
Bike Clinic

Winter Outerwear Distributions

Christmas Toy Distribution

Annual Signature Event in May.

Father's House
Read more about this in the next section.

Ron Shantz:

Charitable Organization #827492901RR0001

Father’s House Cafe

‘The Father’s House Cafe’ is held every Monday evening from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. This is a time where friends gather for conversation, where music is played and of course something to eat. It is a purposeful time for those who seek pastoral and spiritual care.

It is a coffee house format, where the atmosphere is warm and inviting, refreshments are served, personal stories and experiences are shared, encouragement is given, prayer is available and the unconditional love of God dispensed.

Life Happens

Life Happens provides advocacy and pastoral support and hope to our neighbours who are imprisoned by the affects of of poverty. This means they can get the help they need in a timely and dignified way.

There are many resources that people in distress can gain access to but don’t because they are unaware or overwhelmed. This program helps them connect to the resources through advocacy and referral.

More often than not, what is simply needed is access to a good listener, and we do that really well.

To Read Life Stories - Click Here

“Hi Joyce, This is my life in a nut shell. I have lived in social housing for 12 yrs. now....[read more]

From Janice - “Could you let the folks who sponsored Kristen* and I throughout the years that we're okay this year. I'm working full time as a social worker now....[read more]

From Ron

You can make a difference in the lives people in our community. Read the stories of Lynn and Janice.

Where we are present, along side of others, working together, we make a difference not only in the short term, but for the long term. Simple acts of generosity in a child’s life can be the tipping point for them to choose a healthy path or one that perpetuates the cycle of poverty.